Keep control of your equtiesObStocks

Want it as a widget on the screen, long press where you want it and select it from the menu.

  1. From list - Select stocks from a list of exchanges.
  2. Edit - set a single share (YAHOO notation).
Sort - by, last update, top change, bottom change, and by volume.
  1. Set - for general change in % up or down.
  2. Sound - give audiable alarm.
  3. Reset - reset alarm and all alarm levels.
  4. Clear - clear current alarm.
  1. Update stocks - set time for downloading stocks feed.
  2. Update display - set time for update of widget.
  3. Moving average - set moving average days.
Control single stocks
Remove - remove the stocks from your portefolio.
  1. Upper limit - set upper limit for alarm.
  2. Lower limit - set lower limit for alarm.
  3. Volume - give alarm for volume level.
  4. Reset - reset alarm and alarm levels for this share.
  5. Clear - clear current alarm for this share.

The stocks information is provided by YAHOO

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