Become a better driver. Prevent motion sickness and give your passengers a comfortable drive. ObCoDriver

ObCoDriver assist you to drive carefully to prevent motion sickness. Normally you shall slow down to prevent motion sickness both in a car or or in a boat. Animals react different than humans on motion sickness, this app have a mode for animals in the car. When driving a car do not handle your phone, use to voice guidance. The color change according to motion, a green color indicate that you are a good driver, a more red color means you shall slow down. The reasons for more yellowish or bluish color you should not know. The curve indicate the sensibility for motion sickness, and is different for humans and animals

The sensitivity of the device can be adjusted in the options menu according to your car or boat. The level shall normally be set at 100%, but can be adjusted down to 50% and up to 200%

Motion sickness is a condition where there is a conflict between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system's sense of movement. Depending on the cause, this is referred to as sea-sickness or motion sickness. Dizziness, fatigue, and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness. If the motion causing nausea is not resolved, the sufferer will frequently vomit. Unlike ordinary sickness, vomiting in motion sickness tends not to relieve the nausea.

About one third of people are susceptible to motion sickness even in mild circumstances such as being on a boat in calm water, although most people are susceptible in more severe conditions. Susceptibility to motion sickness begins at about age two, increases to a peak in adolescence, and then steadily diminishes with passing years, a minor blessing of old age. A "corkscrewing" boat will upset more people than one that is gliding smoothly across the oncoming waves. Cars driving rapidly around winding roads or up and down a series of hills will upset more people than cars that are moving over smooth, straight roads. Looking down into one's lap to consult a map or attempting to read a book while a passenger in a car may also bring on motion sickness.

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