Get news and weather from all around the worldObRss

Want it as a widget on the screen, long press where you want it and select it from the menu.

Feed Choose RSS feed from main papers.
  • Add feed - add a new feed, you can also touch a feed to edit a new feed from it.
  • Edit feed - make your own feed
  • Update feed - set time for updating feed.
  • Update display - set time for update of the widget.
  • Weather - touch to get weather for current location, it will search for the nearest location..
  • Set weather - edit an area for the weather forecast, see yr.no.
  • Units - select metric or imperial units.
  • No images - Do not display pictures in Rss list.

In order to find your weather location large amount of data will be downloaded, use with care! To switch off downloading, set update to manual.

To get weather updates touch "Weather" in the options menu and activate it in the "Add feed"

Do you need a new feed from the same newspaper, or a new one? Edit one of the existing, the old feed will still exist, and the new one is added in the end of the list.

Is it anoying to wait for pictures to be desplayed, hook off "No images" in options menu.

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